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Download The Population Explosion by Dick Hess (.PDF)
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Overview: The book is small but offers a rich collection of interesting problems - puzzles, if you will – not requiring math knowledge beyond high, and many middle, school level." Ctk Insights "Almost all of the problems are fresh or at least have an extra complication to it. This is a marvelous collection that I can warmly recommend to occasional as well as diehard puzzlers." European Mathematical Society Population Explosion and Other Mathematical Puzzles is a wonderful addition to Dr Dick Hess's previous successful books, Mental Gymnastics: Recreational Mathematical Puzzles, Golf on the Moon, (Dover Publishing, 2011 and 2014 respectively) and Number-Crunching Math Puzzles (Puzzlewright, 2013), a republication of All-Star Mathlete Puzzles (Sterling Publishing, 2009). In this latest volume, there are 116 recreational mathematical puzzles and problems that will challenge and entertain bright minds. They are mostly new problems on creative themes, encompassing a wide range of difficulty from amusing to complex. Intended to hone mathematical thinking skills and reasoning ability, solving the puzzles may require considerable perseverance. Open this book to find a captivating assortment of geometric, digital, logical, probability, analytical, physics and trapezoid puzzles. Find out what happens with jeeps in the desert and be amused or confused by some MathDice puzzles. While most of these puzzles can be solved by pencil and paper analysis, there are some that are best tackled with a computer to find a solution. Be prepared to keep your wits about you!
Genre: Nonfiction > Science > Mathematics

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Download The Population Explosion by Dick Hess (.PDF)

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