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Author: Maxine Hanks  |  Isbn: 9780816049912  |  File size: 2MB  |  Year: 2002  |  Pages: 128  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture

The Church of the Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon faith, is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world today. In the past thirty years it has increased its membership by 220 percent to eleven million followers today, of which almost six million live outside the United States. This volume explores the unique personality of the Mormon faith, its birth in early America, and the ways that Mormonism and America have grown up together. From founder Joseph Smith to celebrated golfer Johnny Miller, from Brigham Young to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, from senator Orrin Hatch to members of the popular singing Osmond family - the Mormons are an important part of American history and culture.

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