Pieces of a Mending Heart by Kristina M. Rovison (.ePUB) download

Download Pieces of a Mending Heart by Kristina M. Rovison (.ePUB)
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Overview: When Katherine Prince’s world shatters around her, she is not strong enough to pick up the pieces single-handedly. A quick slash across her wrists ends her life, but God has other plans. Offered a second chance, Katherine’s soul is sent back to Earth with the purpose of fulfilling her destiny. But this time, she isn’t alone. The Lord sent an angel to help save Katherine’s soul, but he is just as scarred as she is. Their spirits, eternally and divinely connected, exist as one, finally bringing peace to their blemished hearts. But when bizarre and frightening visions plague Katherine in unexpected places, secrets are revealed and new mysteries opened. A strange, otherworldly connection exists between four misfit souls, and Katherine is clueless as to why. When bullets start flying, answers are granted. But no one remains unscathed, and not everyone is who they seem. And maybe, happy endings are impossible after all.
"Pieces of a Mending Heart" is a romantic thrill ride full of mysteries, betrayals, and broken hearts. Join Katherine and Tristan as they try to rebuild their shattered souls and save themselves from Fate's mistake. With God as their guide, they work as one to piece together a puzzle of the utmost importance...a puzzle that will rescue their very essence from Satan's grasp.
Genre: Young Adult

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Download Pieces of a Mending Heart by Kristina M. Rovison (.ePUB)

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