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Overview: Stranger kidnappings are rare and Westerfield - middle-aged, no history of sexual or violent crimes - was an unlikely suspect. Yet just 2 days after Danielle was missing, the police excluded the usual perpetrators and decided this was a stranger kidnapping and he was that stranger.

He behaved like an innocent man: only left home hours after the kidnapping and returned twice that day. Nobody saw her with him or any place he went. Eye-witnesses, cell-phone records and gas receipts confirmed his alibi.

The kidnapping scenario is implausible. Danielle's house had an alarm. Several people and a dog were in it, and the kidnapper was inside for an hour, yet they suspected nothing.

The van Dams had recently visited him so some evidence of her there is expected. The police didn't ask her brothers if she had been in his RV while it was unlocked in the street: one visit could account for that evidence. The quantity was far less than from a weekend kidnapping, murder and sexual assault: in particular, just 1 drop and 1 small stain of blood. Testing of the drop initially didn't give a result for one DNA marker, so it might have been old and degrading. The stain was faint so it might have been old and had previously been cleaned. Her hair was darkening yet her hairs in his RV were blonde suggesting they were old. He vacuumed his RV after that weekend but his vacuum cleaner contained no evidence.

There was no evidence she was sexually assaulted. The only evidence for that motive was "child porn" on his computers, but some in law enforcement said it wasn't child porn (the jury wasn't allowed to hear that), there wasn't much of it, and most was old and had been seldom viewed and not recently.
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Download Rush to Judgement by C. Stevenson (.ePUB)

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