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Overview: According to statistics, at least 50 to 100 serial killers are currently roaming the United States, traveling highways and backroads in search of their next victims.
This true crime box set unites the stories of some of the most sadistic killers in United States history into one fascinating collection that vividly reveals their bloody reigns of terror.
California resident William Bonin, who had a genius IQ and could have done anything with his life, instead enlisted his friends to help him lure young men into the back of his blue Ford Econoline van, where he tortured his victims so sadistically that one died of shock from the pain and sheer brutality of his attack.
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In Texas, praline candy maker Dean Corll also had a proclivity for young men, and plied his teenage accomplices with drugs and booze so that they would bring their friends to his house for a party, although Corll was the only one having any fun. After using drugs and alcohol to subdue his victims - sometimes boys from families who’d already lost one son to the madman - he would cuff them to a wooden board so they could be raped and tortured in ways that would give anyone nightmares.
Brothers James Jr. and Linwood Briley were also a gruesome team. After watching them torture the exotic animals they collected, James Briley Sr. was so terrified of his two oldest sons that he locked his doors at night for fear that he might become their next victim. The elder Briley was right to be afraid, because at 16, Linwood shot his elderly neighbor from his bedroom window as she hung her laundry outside, then casually said, “I heard she had heart problems, she would have died soon anyway.”
While many serial killers are unable to work alone, others see their work as a solitary art.
This collection of true crime stories brings together the worst of both types, those who enlist the help of others to perform their dastardly deeds, and those who kill alone.
Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins committed his first murder in prison in a desperate bid to appear tough enough to prevent the rapes and torture that were commonplace for him, but by the time he got out of prison, he was done being a victim, and he cruised the Atlantic coast in search of both male and female victims, killing so many that he earned the nickname “the Meanest Man in the World.”
Robert Berdella, the owner of Bob’s Bizarre Bazaar in Kansas City, also worked alone, and enjoying luring friends and male prostitutes home, only to hold them captive in his basement, torturing them until they died, then disposing of their dismembered remains at a local landfill, where they have never been found. It wasn’t until a seventh kidnap victim escaped through a basement window wearing only a dog collar, sneaking out while Berdella ran his store of oddities, that police caught the man who kept a detail log and photographs of his horrifying crimes.
These six serial killer biographies travel decades and miles, bringing your worst nightmares to life. A true crime anthology that’s truly the stuff of nightmares, this boxed set is one that you’ll want to read during those moments when you forget that the monsters are real, and could be living right next door.

This True Crime Box Set includes the following books

Robert Berdella: The True Story of The Kansas City Butcher
Dean Corll: The True Story of The Houston Mass Murders
Donald Gaskins: The Meanest Man In America
The Briley Brothers: The True Story of The Slaying Brothers
Martin Bryant: The Port Arthur Massacre
William Bonin: The True Story of The Freeway Killer

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Download Serial KIllers: True Crime Anthology by Jack Rosewood(.ePUB)

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