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Overview: Book one in a haunting and romantic YA duology packed with action, romance, and betrayal from the critically acclaimed author of the Defy trilogy, Sara B. Larson.
On her 18th birthday, Princess Evelayn of Eadrolan, the Light Kingdom, can finally access the full range of her magical powers. The light looks brighter, the air is sharper, and the energy she can draw when fighting feels almost limitless.
But while her mother, the queen, remains busy at the war front, in the Dark Kingdom of Dorjhalon the corrupt king is plotting. King Bain wants control of both kingdoms, and his plan will fling Evelayn into the throne much sooner than she expected.
In order to defeat Bain and his sons, Evelayn will quickly have to come into her ability to shapeshift and rely on the alluring Lord Tanvir. But not everyone is what they seem, and the balance between the Light and Dark comes at a steep price.
In the first book of a remarkable duology, Sara B. Larson sets the stage for her reimagining of Swan Lake - a lush romance packed with betrayal, intrigue, magic, and adventure.
Genre: Audiobooks, Fantasy

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Download Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson (.MP3)

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