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  • Category: Astronomy
Author: E. Salvador-SolĂ©, Emilio Javier Alfaro, J.C. Toro Iniesta, and Javier Garcia Gorgas  |  Isbn: 9781402043512  |  File size: 7.9MB  |  Year: 2006  |  Pages: 295  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Astronomy

All branches of astrophysics are encompassed in this book, from the largest scales and cosmology to the solar system and the Sun, through the galaxies and the stars, including a section on astronomical instrumentation. Experts from across the world ‘speak’ in a single book about the most recent, exciting results from their fields. A CD-ROM accompanies the book opening a panorama of astrophysics today.

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