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Author: M. C. G. Davies Morel  |  Isbn: 9780851996431  |  File size: 10MB  |  Year: 2002  |  Pages: 384  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Animals

This 2nd edition of a popular textbook provides a comprehensive account of how horses can be successfully bred. The aim is to maximize productivity and animal welfare. The first section concentrates on reproductive physiology and is aimed at providing a scientific understanding of reproduction in the mare and stallion. The second section is more applied and demonstrates how this knowledge can be used to optimize breeding and stud management. This book is a proven success as a textbook for degree and diploma courses in equine studies. It has also proved to be a useful supplementary text for veterinary students, as well as valuable for veterinary practitioners and stud managers.

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